Why Use Fiber Optic Communication

Fiber is the future trend, the network speed is getting faster and faster, the traditional speed of the network cable has not been able to keep up

Advantages of Fiber Optics

Long transmission distance

Fiber optic connection distance up to 70 km

Fast transmission speed

Fiber optic access can provide 100Mbps, 200Mbps and other high-speed bandwidth.

Low loss

Fiber media manufacturing purity is extremely high, so the loss of optical fiber is extremely low, in the communication line can reduce the number of relay stations, improve the quality of communication

Strong anti-disturbance ability

Optical fiber is a non-metallic dielectric material, the use of optical fiber as a conduction medium, free from electromagnetic interference

Large communication capacity, long transmission distance

The potential bandwidth of an optical fiber can reach 20 THz

Signal crosstalk is small, good confidentiality

Easy to transport

Fiber optic small size, light weight, easy to lay and transport

Wide source of materials

Rich material sources, good environmental protection, and help to save non-ferrous copper

No radiation

difficult to eavesdrop, because the optical fiber transmission of light waves can not run out of the fiber.

Fiber optic cable is highly adaptable, long life.

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