Strip Fiber Optic cable

Optical cable stripping is the first step in the fiber fusion process. Different optical cables have different stripping methods. Some optical cables are relatively simple to strip, as long as you have the strength; for armored optical cables, there is lubricant in the armor and optical cable tube, which is also relatively Good to peel. Now I will introduce a method of peeling that I think is the fastest and most efficient.

Preparation Tools

wallpaper knife, diagonal pliers, toilet paper
Optical cable cutter

Determine the length of the fiber optic cable

To determine the length of the optical cable that needs to be stripped, it is necessary to understand what equipment the optical cable is to be spliced in.

  • Spliced in the splice package, it needs to be stripped about 1m in length at this time
  • Spliced in the optical cable terminal box, also requires a length of about 1m
  • Spliced in the odf

Spliced in the ODF needs to wear a hose, and the length at this time is composed of three parts: about 80cm in the odf optical fiber reel, the second part is bent in the odf rack, about 80cm, and the third part is about 80cm from the odf machine The length is obtained from the rack to the fixed optical cable. This needs to be determined on-site according to the length from the fixed position of the rack to the fixed position of the optical cable.

According to the length of the fiber optic cable, use a wallpaper knife or a fiber optic cable cutter to cut a circle on the fiber optic cable

Follow the steps above to cut a second loop 10-20cm distal to the first cut point

Strip the optical cable between the two cutting points, do not damage the optical fiber

Cut the strength members and other appendages at the proximal end (near the end of the fiber optic cable that needs to be spliced)

Cut all fiber optic tubes, do not damage the fiber

Pull the fiber optic cable and pull the fiber out

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