Fujikura CT08 Optical Fiber Cleaver

Suitable for FTTX and other single fiber cleaving applications, the CT08 is a very robust cleaver. It is designed for easy replacement of the fiber clamps and cleaver blade in the field, reducing maintenance cost and time.


The CT08 cleaver is an extremely rugged, durable, and easy to use single fiber cleaver. Ideal for FTTH applications, the CT08 provides unmatched levels of impact resistance and also eliminates the requirement for tools during blade rotation. A thumbwheel on the bottom of the cleaver is utilized for blade rotation, and the blade position indicator has been relocated to enable quick and easy viewing. The top clamp opens to a position past vertical allowing for easy viewing, cleaning, and adjustment of the cleave length. The blade is retracted automatically when opening the top clamp and is activated upon closing, making this a true one-step cleaver. The cleaver blade and fiber clamping mechanism is extremely easy to replace in the field. A manual scrap collector is included.
Compact and light weight
Blade life up to 48,000 cleaves
Tool free blade rotation
Ruggedized design withstands extreme shock levels
Single-step operation


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