CCTV Video Balun Twisted BNC passive Transceivers

The twisted pair is used instead of 75 ohm coaxial cable as a video signal transmission.
The image quality is guaranteed and the image sharpness is enhanced.
Excellent control interference function. Improve the utilization of cable and reduce the cost of engineering.
And it is compatible with the AHD/HDCVI/HDTVI high definition analog signal on the market, and the transmission distance is far and the transmission quality is high.
Due to the adoption of advanced processing technology, the video signal amplitude and the attenuation of different frequencies are amplified and compensated, maintaining the brightness and color of the original image.
The good transmission of medium and long distance video signals is realized.
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Power supply: no additional power supply is needed;
Transmission effect: real-time transmission of AHD/HDCVI/HDTVI video signal, the video is clear and stable;
Transmission distance: 0~400 meters (with passive transmitters);
Main functions: using a pair of twisted pair lines to transmit single channel video signals simultaneously;
Protection and anti disturbance: excellent lightning protection, anti static and anti-interference ability;
Appearance structure: a metric BNC coaxial interface, a twisted pair twisted pair connection terminal;
Good signal: no interference, accurate signal reduction
Less wiring: because the network twisted pair line diameter is small, light weight, less freight, easy to install, multi-channel camera gun installation, four core or eight core twisted pair can be used as the main line of the video camera.
High efficiency: saving the cost of wire and labor, compared with the economic benefit is very obvious, it is worth recommending!
No need for the joint after sale and worry, durable!
Technical specifications:
Advantages: This product can be spliced into 4 road 6 road 8 road use. Haikang TVI, CVI, AHD etc. Dahua winwinmax Digital HD twisted pair transmitter, solve the difficult problem of distributed video line engineering.
1* passive design, no additional power supply
2, 720P/960H transmission distance is up to 350 meters
3. Built-in lightning surge protection
4. Super strong anti-interference
Application effect diagram


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