Introduction of optical fiber fusion splicer

Ordinary optical fiber fusion splicers generally refer to single-core optical fiber fusion splicers. In addition, there are ribbon optical fiber fusion splicers specially used to splice ribbon optical fibers, sheath fusion splicers for splicing sheathed optical cables and jumpers, and splice protection Polarization maintaining fiber fusion splicer for polarized fiber, etc.
According to different alignment methods, fiber fusion splicers can be divided into two categories: cladding-aligned and core-aligned.
The cladding alignment type is mainly suitable for occasions such as low-requirement fiber to the home, so the price is relatively low; the core alignment type fiber fusion splicer is equipped with a precision six-motor core alignment mechanism, a specially designed optical lens and software algorithms, which can Accurately identify the fiber type and automatically select the matching splicing mode to ensure the splicing quality. The technical content is high, so the price will be relatively high.

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