how to use Coating Layer Stripper Clamp

This is a new universal fixed length stripping rail development – a stripping tool. Stripping the coating layer for 10-30mm span, span rail strip cutting of bare fiber5-40mm. Basically covers all the cold ground, embedded quick connect products
Stripping the coating usage (Miller clamp function): guiding strip back can befixed length stripping optical fiber coating

Operational steps

  1. Put the coated optical fiber into the stripping surface.
  2. Hold your left hand gently and pull your right hand down.
  3. Pull the cable out and strip the coating.
  4. Peeled optical fibers, wiped with dust-free paper and alcohol
  5. Optical fibers are placed on the fixed length surface and into the cutting tool chuck.
  6. Use the cutting knife to complete the cutting.

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