Fiber Cleaver VS Fiber Fusion Splicer

What is a fiber cutting machine?

Answer: The optical fiber cutting machine is a device that cuts optical fibers and other cables in a fixed manner. The main function is to achieve standard smoothness and smooth cuts, preparing for the next step of optical fiber welding.

What is an optical fiber fusion splicer?

Answer: The optical fiber fusion splicer is to fuse and connect the cut optical fibers at both ends according to standard parameters, so that the light can transmit signals normally on the line.

What is the main purpose?

Answer: These two devices are usually placed as a whole toolbox, mainly used in the engineering where the optical fiber transmission signal is used, because the connection and access of the optical fiber must involve the seamless connection of the optical fiber

Who are the main needs?

Answer: There is a special training part for training optical fiber welding personnel. This is mainly for training and has nothing to do with academic qualifications. It is mainly used for information engineering personnel. A device is generally between 20000-100000

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