Commonly Optical Fiber Tools

Optical fiber tools are various types used for optical fiber installation and maintenance. There are welding optical fiber tools, testing optical fiber tools and cleaning optical fiber tools.

The fusion optical fiber tool is used for optical fiber fusion, that is, the bare optical fibers are melted together. Typical optical fiber fusion tools include optical fiber cutter, fusion splicer, optical fiber joint protective sleeve, heating furnace, etc.

The test optical fiber tool is used to check the optical fiber equipment or eliminate faults in the production process. Typical optical fiber testing tools include optical fiber power meter, light source, fault locator, optical recognizer and optical time domain reflectometer.

The optical fiber cleaning tool is used to clean dirt, oil, dust and other pollutants to maintain the performance of optical fiber equipment. Typical fiber cleaning tools include fiber cleaners for connectors and cores, alcohol and wipes.

In order to make the work easier, there is an optical fiber kit, which combines some type of optical fiber tools into the kit, which can help make the work easier.

In addition, the tools used in fiber optic equipment also include

Precision Fiber Cleavers.
Electrical Cutting, Crimping, & Hand Tools.
Crimp Tools.
Kevlar Shears & Cutters.
Strippers & Slitters.
Electrical Work Bench Tools.
Epoxy Curing Ovens & Equipment.

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