Why Use Fiber Optic Communication

Fiber is the future trend, the network speed is getting faster and faster, the traditional speed of the network cable has not been able to keep up Advantages of Fiber Optics Long transmission distance Fiber optic connection distance up to 70 km Fast transmission speed Fiber optic access can provide 100Mbps, 200Mbps and other high-speed … Read more

Fiber Optic Vs WIFI?

There is a difference between fiber optics and WIFI Fiber optics is a fiber made of glass or plastic that acts as a light transmission tool.Optical fibers are composed of two layers of glass with different refractive indices. The inner layer is the inner core of light, with a diameter of a few microns to … Read more

How to fix Cut fiber optics Cable

Fiber optics are made of special materials and, unlike telephone wires, can repair the connection on their own if they break. Check the fiber for damage Insert the fiber optic cable into the tail tube, then put the fiber optic cable into the stripper to check whether the fiber is damaged. Remove damaged parts Break … Read more

Rj45 Cable Tester

Rj45 cable tester is check network cable is well Tool Network Cable Tester Method/step When we are making the network cable, when we cannot confirm whether it is in good condition, we can use the network cable tester to test it; The test consists of the main tester and the remote tester. The remote tester … Read more

Strip Fiber Optic cable

Optical cable stripping is the first step in the fiber fusion process. Different optical cables have different stripping methods. Some optical cables are relatively simple to strip, as long as you have the strength; for armored optical cables, there is lubricant in the armor and optical cable tube, which is also relatively Good to peel. … Read more

Optical cable stripper

Optical cable stripper The optical cable stripper is an optical fiber tool that can cut longitudinally and circumferentially. Since the optical cable stripper can completely strip various insulating layers (such as cable outer sheath, optical cable loose tube, etc.), and its cutting depth can be adjusted, it can be used Insulation cutting of many round … Read more

Fiber Strippers

Optical fiber stripper is an optical fiber tool used to strip tight-packed optical fibers. There are three common optical fiber strippers: FTTH optical cable stripper, specially used for FTTH fiber-to-the-home fiber stripping, small size, light weight, simple operation, flat incision, easy to carry; Three-hole optical fiber stripper, this type of wire stripper adopts a three-hole … Read more

Commonly Optical Fiber Tools

Optical fiber tools are various types used for optical fiber installation and maintenance. There are welding optical fiber tools, testing optical fiber tools and cleaning optical fiber tools. The fusion optical fiber tool is used for optical fiber fusion, that is, the bare optical fibers are melted together. Typical optical fiber fusion tools include optical … Read more