A-81S Orange Fully Automatic Fusion Splicer Machine Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Fiber Optic Splicing Machine

Applicable Fiber

SM, MM, NZ-DS, EDF ,Pigtail

Fiber cleaved length

10~16mm(Coating diameter, 250µm) 16mm(Coating diameter,250 ~ 1000µm)

Protection Sleeve Length

20mm, 40mm, 60mm

Fiber aligning method

Core or clad aligning

Storage of splice result

4000 results,20 parameter per result

Electrode life

More than 3000

Display screen

5.1 TFT inch color LCD monitorPAS image digital processing system,core or clad alignment is optional;

The arc is calibrated by the environmental parameters as temperature and pressure;
Variety display group,the Maximum image magnification is 300;
Typical splicing time is 9 seconds,20 seconds heating;
Intelligence operate,auto heat or work when open the shield;
High definition 5.1' colorful LCD;
Hight to 4000 groups fusion records can be stored;

High capacity,plug battery,long work time;

1. Chinese / English dual language switching. 

2. free of disassembly three-in-one universal fixture (tail fiber, bare fiber, FTTH Fiber optic cable ). 

3.core alignment, 7-9 seconds welding, 18-26 seconds heating (heating time can be set, heating temperature can be adjusted).

Introduction: The high-precision fusion splicer A-81S,with high-speed image processing technology special precision positioning technology,can complete the whole process of fiber fusion splicing automatically in just 9 seconds Apply in Different Fields:Characterized by light weight,easy to carry and convenient to operate, fast splicing speed and low losses,it is especially suitable for optical fiber and cable projects,maintenance scientific research and teaching in telecommunications,radio and

television,railway,petrochemiacal,electric power,military and public security and other communications fields

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A-81S Fully Automatic Fusion Splicer Machine

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